GEMS Metropole School

With a new principal at its helm, this inclusive English National Curriculum all-through school is going places

Campus highlights
GEMS Metropole School – Dubai Motor City (MTS) has a state-of-the-art campus with comprehensive facilities that encompass several computer rooms including iMac rooms aimed at developing IT-fluent learners, libraries for each phase to promote a culture of reading across the school, specialist rooms to promote creative and performing arts, STEM rooms and numerous sports facilities that are used throughout the day and evening by members of the Metropole community.

GMS Principal Nav Iqbal

The vision of GEMS Metropole School is to be an inspiring and inclusive community hub, leading global citizens

GEMS Metrolpole School’s new Principal Nav Iqbal

Students & curriculum
MTS is an all-through school, starting from FS1 (learners aged three) and going all the way up to Year 13 (learners aged 18). Metropole delivers the early years foundation stage framework for young students, focusing on the key areas of development to support gross and fine motor skills and core skills to help achieve the Early Learning Goals (ELGs).

GEMS Metropole is an all-through school from FS1 (learners aged three) to
Year 13 (learners aged 18)

The MTS primary school delivers the English National Curriculum (ENC), helping young learners to develop key skills in both core and foundation subjects. Young learners are developed holistically both in terms of academic ability and character education through subjects such as moral education, philosophy for children (P4C) and the Heritage subjects (Ministry of Education subjects). MTS believes in an inclusive support provision that ensures every learner is supported throughout the school as needed, with the provision of additional support in subjects and intervention sessions for all learners to help them achieve success beyond their potential.

Students move onto their secondary education with a transition into more standalone subjects, aimed at preparing students for their globally-recognised International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced (A) Level qualifications. This is achieved through carefully designed programmes and quality teaching, resulting in students attaining high grades in external examinations. Students who are better suited to a vocational route through education can choose the Level 3 International BTEC pathways in a number of subjects, supporting their vocational interests and courses at universities.

Integrated into the school’s secondary programme is the Ministry of Education syllabus (Heritage subjects), which adds a rich tier of cultural and international learning to the curriculum. In addition, students are given the opportunity to tailor learning to their own strengths, likes and interests, and can participate in a number of developmental activities that introduce them to a wide range of areas of discovery.

GEMS Metropole has a strong sports and arts faculty, and activities run into the evening on a daily basis, involving specialist clubs and league competitions against other schools

School mission
The school’s vision is to be “an inspiring and inclusive community hub, leading global citizens”. This vision is a reality at GEMS Metropole and supported by students, parents and staff. One of the strengths of the school is its community culture. The school is inclusive, aiming to support every young person to achieve their aspirations and enjoy their learning. MTS also has a strong sports and arts faculty.

Principal Nav adds: “Being a community school involves catering to the local area and many of our students walk and cycle to school and live close by. Students are always engaged in many activities across school, including after school, creating a lively and busy environment for all to enjoy.”

Classes and extra-curricular opportunities
GEMS Metropole hosts weekly masterclasses. These are time-tabled classes that students can select every term and enrol in the clubs that interest them. In these, students collaborate and interact with peers from different year groups and are able to develop their interpersonal skills as well as their talents.

Activities run throughout the day and into the late evening on a daily basis, with additional specialist clubs across sports, performing arts, creative arts, STEM and languages. Students are able to use the school’s facilities on weekends and for revision classes.

As a large all-through school, MTS students are involved in several competitions in a number of leagues, helping them to develop their talents in a competitive environment alongside students from other schools, in turn building life skills such as teamwork, collaboration and resilience. The balance of having a broad and enriched curriculum and a variety of extra-curricular activities helps to develop well-rounded students equipped to become global citizens of the future.

A word from MTS Principal Nav Iqbal
“As a school leader, I believe that academic success helps to give every young person the best opportunities in life. I also believe there is a responsibility to help students develop a strong character and apply the skills learnt in school life and the wider world – this is our key purpose at GEMS Metropole.

Our school leaders strive to support knowledge, help students become leaders of tomorrow and help them to develop a strong character that will serve them well as they prepare to realise their future aspirations. There is a vast array of leadership experience and skillsets across all phases of the school, and given GEMS Metropole’s position as a hub for our community, all of our school leaders support every aspect of community life inside and outside school. Leaders include the Vice Principal, Head of Schools, Deputy and Assistant Heads and Head of Years and Departments. Having a devolved leadership structure at all levels helps to promote effective leadership in our school community.”