A School with Family at its Heart

GEMS United School, Dubai Sports City (GUS) is a true community school – one where parents can walk their children to school and feel part of something extraordinarily American. With a genuine US prep-school feel in a global setting, GUS offers the American curriculum with a focus on students’ academic as well as social-emotional development.

The GUS campus has a distinct and idyllic community feel, boasting open green, park-like spaces and an environment that motivates students to be active and involved in their school lives. The school and its facilities encourage all students to discover and acquire a range of academic, sporting and social skills, and students are continuously supported to reach their full potential and explore as many areas of interest as they can throughout their time at GUS. With tennis courts, a soccer pitch, a 400-metre running track and a 25-metre swimming pool, there’s everything to choose from.

“We chose this school because of the connection we had when he first visited the school,” says Camille Denton, who has two children at GUS. “We felt the warm and welcoming nature of the GUS community. The teachers are attentive and truly know my children’s academic needs and aspirations. At GUS, they make sure to invite parents to be a part of their child’s journey.”

As an American curriculum school, the majority of GUS faculty come from North America themselves. Inspiring students to reach beyond themselves, the faculty team are vastly experienced and committed to creating a welcoming American culture within the context of the UAE’s melting pot of difference nationalities and tolerance. Students make the most of the small class sizes and the school’s safe, comfortable environment, while parents have every opportunity to connect with teachers at pick-up and drop-off.

“We have been at this school for seven years and chose GEMS United because it’s a small school with a strong community,” says Maria Larsson, whose twins attend GUS. “Teachers, students, staff and parents take the time to get to know one another and the quality of education my children receive is excellent.” Speaking to parents, it quickly becomes clear that GUS is a place where families can feel at home, where children can feel happy, free and inspired as they are encouraged to embrace challenges and serve both their local community and the world beyond.

To find out more about GEMS United School, visit https://www.gemsunitedschool.com