Youth Expressions

We hear from Mohammed Aadil, the talented student recently appointed UAE Ambassador for Arts, Fashion and Culture at Middle East Youth Expo 2020

“Through art I feel that I can express my views, my opinions on issues and even my imagination. It was when I was in Year 2 that I discovered I had a talent and that my passion lies in the field of painting and drawing. The discovery came when I first picked up a permanent marker and started making spontaneous sketches of houses, teddy bears and cars. From then on, my parents sent me to art classes, and I haven’t stopped pursuing my passion since.

Artist Mohammed Aadil is a student at GEMS Cambridge International School – Abu Dhabi

My artworks mostly have a realistic touch, but they are at the same time very impressionistic and abstract. They are mostly done with great speed – speed that comes all by itself without my knowledge. The theme of my artworks is mostly traditional and inspired by Emirati culture because I am very fond of the local culture and want to learn more about its traditions.

Through art I feel that I can express my views, my opinions on issues and even my imagination

Emirati artists Najat Makki and Abdulqader Al Rais have had a great influence on my work, as their style is relevant to my style, especially when it comes to calligraphy. I also admire international artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso and Claude Monet, as there is so much I can learn from them.

Being appointed the Grassroots UAE Ambassador for Arts, Fashion and Culture at the Middle East Youth Expo 2020 is a huge honour but also a challenge, as I don’t currently hold any leadership positions at school that I might be able to draw on for experience. Nevertheless, in my capacity as Grassroots UAE Ambassador, I will do my best to create new leaders.

Following the Middle East Youth Expo in February 2020, I hope to begin my new venture as an art entrepreneur, starting with a new art initiative I am working on. This is an online art portal called Youth Expressions, where young emerging artists can learn about, create, discuss and share art. The aim for the platform is to have an online art gallery, art education video library and a complete art podcast radio station. Work on the project is currently underway and the entire portal will hopefully be launched on the sidelines of the Middle East Youth Expo next year. Furthermore, the inaugural Youth Expressions art exhibition, titled ‘Art by Youth’, is part of the Youth Expo 2020, involving approximately 50 youth artists, who will exhibit their artworks at the event.”

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