The Career Accelerator

Designed specifically for teens, Lifology is an education technology project that aims to guide students towards a fulfilling career

Billed as the world’s first ‘career accelerator’ designed specifically for teenagers, Lifology holds the sole Guinness World Record in the field of career development. In essence, it is an education technology project that aims to systematically lead students towards a happy and fulfilling future. Its goal is also to change how people view a career – to see it not just as a way of gaining financially, but as a lifelong process of learning and growth.

Lifology is one of several student-focused organisations involved in My Path to Uni, a recently launched consortium of globally recognised partners that together offer holistic, best-practice services for students in secondary school, graduate school and work. The ultimate goal is to provide young people with all the tools they need for academic and career success – with Lifology playing a primary role in the latter.

Lifology’s comprehensive platform helps students in a variety of different systematic ways, with services including psychometric assessments, career coaching and information on the universities best suited for specific professions. It also aims to bust a number of widespread myths about career choices and guides students to make more informed decisions.

“At a click of a button, students can find all the information they need in our career library, which introduces careers from 23 different pools as well as over 90,000 corresponding university courses from around the world,” explains Lana Eghterafi, Lifology’s Regional Director based in the UAE. “Students can book coaching sessions with our team of certified career coaches. We also understand that in the rapidly changing world of today, students need to have certain life skills – skills that we address through interactive videos. In a couple of months, we will also commence our mentoring programme with a team of experts from different industries.”

One of the most interesting aspects of Lifology is around matching students with a profession that will be rewarding. “We can help by giving career suggestions specifically suited to your personality,” explains Lana. “The dream you didn’t know you had, is just a click away!” She emphasises the gravity of the decision when it comes to choosing a future career, and advises students take their time. “You are not alone – your families, counsellors as well as the Lifology team are here to listen and help. We want you to be happy and purposeful. Be open to new experiences and actively explore.

At a click of a button, students can find all the information they need in our career library, which introduces careers from 23 different pools as well as over 90,000 corresponding university courses from around the world.

Lana Eghterafi, Regional Director, Lifology

Does it work?

Of course, the real test is whether the Lifology approach works, and from Lana’s and the wider Lifology team’s experiences around the globe, it certainly seems to be effective. They have seen students successfully gain admission to universities around the world and be offered jobs as altogether happier individuals who are more confident in the decisions they have made and more comfortable with the transition phases involved as they move forward in their lives.

“I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to focus on, with two key areas of interest,” says one Year 12 student at GEMS Metropole School who tapped into Lifology for guidance. “Being able to talk to someone who didn’t know me like my teachers, take the assessments and complete the assignments allowed me to join the dots. I’m now heading in the direction I want to be.”
Another student, in Year 10 and also from GEMS Metropole School, points to Lifology helping them to identify a career path that they weren’t yet aware of: “I didn’t even know the career area I ended up being recommended existed! There’s so much to research and think about now.”

But the services provided by Lifology benefit not only students, but also teachers. “I was looking for a program that allowed our students to assess themselves, reflect on their interests and start to pull a picture together,” explains one of GEMS Metropole School’s Career Advisors. “Lifology has allowed students to feel they have more information to start their personal research. It has created motivation for the students to start planning their individual pathways to university and work experience. Even if students aren’t sure about the final pathway recommended to them, they still learn a lot about the process of self-evaluation, research, understanding their strengths plus career interests and how they all fit together.

Listen and support

Given the success of Lifology thus far, we asked Lana what’s in store moving forward? “We are in the process of setting up digital career accelerators across GEMS Education schools in association with My Path to Uni,” she says. “Our platform offers a great facility for advisors, counsellors and principals to follow and monitor the career development process of their students. Moreover, our My Path to Uni link-up opens opportunities for GEMS Education parents and alumni to become career coaches or mentors with us.”

Indeed, according to Lana, so-called Lifologists are the coolest people in the world. “A Lifologist could be considered a career or life coach who follows the framework set by Lifology,” she explains. “A Lifologist is actually a blend of three things: a psychometric analyst, an academic coach and an expert in labour market information. The systematic nature by which the Lifology platform guides students greatly helps counsellors in those areas of work that they are currently doing manually and individually for every single student. Similarly, a parent or alumni who becomes a Lifologist can further assist counsellors, because it is impossible for a single counsellor to attend to every single student and all the needs they may have.”

So, any final advice and words of guidance for parents when it comes to supporting their children in choosing their path forward? “Always remember that the most important thing is your child’s happiness and health,” says Lana. “Listen to your child, explore their strengths, talents and capacities. Support them in pursuing their passions and interests. This age group does not like to be told what to do, but they still dream of a meaningful and successful future.

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