What’s Happening?

There are plenty of fun things to look forward to across the UAE.


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ABBA Reunion at the QE2
Get ready for ABBA Reunion, a brand-new ABBA tribute by the same director, producer and choreographer who created the award-winning musical, ABBA Mania. This will revive the glamour and jubilance of ABBA’s original concerts. From impressive vocals and musical arrangements to authentic costumes and choreography, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of an ABBA reunion concert.
When: 26-27 June 2019
For more details: https://www.theatrebyqe2.com/abbathereunion

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June at The Laughter Factory
The Laughter Factory, Dubai’s oldest hub for stand-up comedy, celebrates its 23rd anniversary this June. Alfie Brown is a megastar in the works, labelled by some as the “future of British stand-up.” The comic has cultivated an experimental, firebrand style of comedy that hits your funny bone on every subject, from politics to the human condition. Joining Brown is Greg Morton, the proclaimed king of slapstick humour. His infallible wit has taken his career on a great many paths, from performing voiceovers for over 20 Saturday morning cartoons to super hit song parodies like ‘Obama Man’. Add to that Fern Brady, whose scrolling list of writing and television credits speak volumes about her fearless, spitfire wit.
When: 20 June 2019
Where: Trypp by Wyndham
For more details: https://thelaughterfactory.com/


Unladylike: A Comedy Special by Arzoo Malhotra
As an Indian-born, American immigrant living in the Middle East, Arzoo is constantly bombarded with mixed messages on how to be a proper lady. In her debut comedy special, Unladylike, Arzoo will tackle the hilarity of her struggle to be a modern woman as she becomes one of the first female comedians in the UAE.
When: 11 July 2019
Where: The Junction Theatre
For more details: https://dubai.platinumlist.net

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One magical night of renowned professional magicians, mentalists and Illusionists starring The Mentalist Moein Al Bastaki “The Man Who knows” and the Illusionist, Magicalmost will put on one of the most spectacular magic shows in Dubai.
When: 12 July 2019
Where: The Junction Theatre
For more information: https://dubai.platinumlist.net