Pitch Perfect

Vocalist Boglarka Kurucz, a 13-year-old student at Wellington Academy — Silicon Oasis (WSO), discusses winning the GEMS Young Musician of the Year Award, performing on the QE2, and singing with Hugh Jackman.

How did you develop an interest in singing and how long have you been studying voice?
I grew up surrounded by music as my mother is a pianist. From the age of four, I became interested in singing and I even performed some of my favourite childhood songs in front of small audiences. To cultivate my skills, I joined a choir and learnt how to play the piano and guitar. I was 11 when I took part in my first singing competition, and realised that I wanted to pursue it professionally. I made it to the finals, even though I was up against some very experienced and talented singers. I was thrilled when my mom signed me up for singing lessons right afterwards, and since then I have passionately continued developing my talent further.

What do you like most about singing?
I think the best part of singing must be how rewarding the on-stage performances are. As I take my final bow, with a crowd of hundreds all clapping and looking up at me I think, “I did this. I had this impact on all these people.” That feeling is completely irreplaceable, and I wish everyone had the opportunity to feel something so rewarding.

What vocal techniques do you adopt and recommend?
Technique is vital in singing if you want to take care of your voice, or even just sound better. My teachers have taught me so many different tips, but there are a few that have stuck with me that I would recommend, such as working on diction, vowels, and articulation to make a huge difference when singing, and allow the audience to understand you. Posture is also a vital element in producing the correct notes so make sure you pay close attention to your hips, chin and shoulders.

What are some of your best musical achievements this academic year?
My greatest musical achievement this year would have to be winning the title of GEMS Young Musician of The Year in January. There have been some other notable achievements such as being awarded the prestigious Bistrina Saha award for Performing Arts at WSO and reaching the finals of the Best of the Best singing competition out of 400 other talented GEMS students.

What have been your personal highlights this year?
My favourite musical moments of this year so far have been playing the role of Adelaide in a production of Guys and Dolls on the QE2, as well singing alongside Hugh Jackman at the Global Teacher Prize.

What are your other interests? How do you balance your rehearsals with your other activities and school work?
Apart from singing, I am interested in all aspects of musical theatre including acting and dance, specifically ballet, tap, modern, and contemporary. The three aspects of musical theatre complement each other extremely well. Acting, dancing, and singing will allow me to reach my full potential as a performer.

What are the benefits of learning to sing?
Singing has many benefits but for me the greatest benefit is how it soothes the soul and is a way to reduce stress in my everyday life. Other benefits include building confidence, increased self-esteem, and improved communication skills. It simply stimulates creativity and allows me to express all my emotions.